Topic: The Baby Machine—5 Years, 4 Kids…No BC, No Joke and Why

“Growing up talking about sex was the last thing I’d talk about because of personal taboos. My cousin and I joked that we couldn’t even talk about chicken breast…”

I’m wanted to write an article about family planning, faith and foundations (what you were taught as a kid that impacts your decisions now) so I conducted a 25-question survey and interviewed 22 women to learn what experiences they have had in common and what roles faith, their parents’ beliefs and education have had in their family planning choices. Where it led me surprised me. 

Now that I’ve written the article, I have more questions than answers, which is why I plan to blog on the topic for the next month. I’d love to get your feedback to!! Please don’t hesitate to read, to share and to think along with me about this topic.

Here is the link to the article Reversing the Almost-Silence on Family Planning among Faith-Based Communities. 

Here is the link to the summary of responses I received from my awesome survey particpants. Thank you each of you!!!

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