Quinn…er Oscar…age 5, goes to STL

My name is Quinn but I asked my family to call me Oscar on Fall Break this year. I like looking for new names, ones that aren’t Quinn. I picked Oscar because I wasn’t thinking of other good names. I thought of Luke or Louis but those weren’t good names because my brother is Lucas and that is confusing.

DSC00023.JPGI got to go to the Magic House and the construction site there. I thought it was really good good goody good.


We got to go into this farm area and we found a motorcycle, and me and Lucas were trying to ride on it. That was good.


This is me and a car thing by me. This was a place where you could go and so I went under it. There was a piece that goes under the car and it had a little magnet on it so you could put it on the car or take it off. I really liked this place where you could pretend to fix a car.

DSC00196.JPGWe got to go to the St. Louis Zoo and Lucas and I got put our faces inside the eyes of a giant pumpkin!

DSC00337.JPGWe got to put our heads behind a mask of a bear and see what the bear faces looked like.


In this picture the black part of my eyes are little but usually the black part of my eyes are big. The reason the black part of my eye is little is because the sun is too bright.

But I had a good time!

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