Autumn, age 7, almost 8, at St. Louis

My name is Autumn and I’m 7, and I’m almost going to be 8. For Fall Break I went to St. Louis.

DSC00072.JPGI liked to be at the Magic House because we got to do cool things and I also pretended I was at Schnuck’s.

DSC09922.JPGI am pretending that I am the President with my brothers. They are my assistants.

DSC09943.JPGI went to the zoo and I had popcorn in my mouth. We had to shove popcorn in our mouth because we like to and because Anni was stealing all the popcorn. I took a handful of popcorn and put it in my mouth while shoving it.

DSC00214I was playing and spinning the wheel that is next to me, and I was at the black bear exhibit. There was corn there because it was talking about black bears and it said they eat corn and Anni thought that the corn was real.  DSC00339.JPGThis picture is when I wanted to put my face in the camera. So I did.


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