Anni Banani Pants and the Blanket Go on Fall Break

I been trip been go! (This is the only thing Mom could get me to say for my blog.) This is the second time I’ve gone to St. Louis.

The first time was in 2018.

DSC03549Look at me now in 2019!

DSC09986.JPGAt the Magic House, I loved playing with the puppies and taking care of them. I was not as happy when we found the baby clinic in the Children’s Village. I ran out of there and went straight back to the Village Vet Clinic. Maybe I’ll have a future with animals?

DSC00123.JPGI knew just what to do with this stethoscope.

DSC00112.JPGI also knew what to do to help a baby panda! Pandas like bananas, right?

DSC00048.JPGAnother fun thing I did was to work on a construction site with my brothers and sister.

DSC00302.JPGWe went to the zoo also, and I loved the activity with the monarch butterfly. I kept picking up the tissue butterflies and tossing them in the air and watching them flutter to the ground.

DSC00324.JPGThere were only a few pictures of me without a blanket in my mouth at the end of our trip. Here is one of them!

DSC00315.JPGWhat a great trip I had!

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