Alex, age 9, loves soccer and Fall Break

Hello, my name is Alex and I love soccer. I am going to do travel soccer next season. This fall break I went to St. Louis. It was really fun.

DSC09560At St. Louis, we got to go to the Magic House and I got to climb a giant beanstalk.

DSC09856.JPGWe got to go to the construction site and be in a real life bulldozer and it was cool.

DSC00060Here I was in the legislative branch, and I made a liberty hat. I was on the stage talking for fun.

DSC00017The next day I got to go to the zoo. There was a Halloween festival going on and it was fun. This is a picture of me acting like I am scared.

DSC00236This year I was taking a picture of my mom and dad whenever they were taking a picture of themselves. I thought it was really funny to do that.

DSC00213I guess their picture turned out okay.

72084358_2714166141949834_8581556691353468928_n.jpgThis is me walking around near the penguin and puffin exhibit and as we were about to go to the last activity so that we could get a bag of candy.

DSC00290I was very happy to get my bag of candy.

DSC00332This is me whenever I was done eating lunch at the zoo. I got a big piece of a hot dog and a bunch of a pretzel for lunch. In this picture I was standing against a giant piece of fake candy corn.

DSC00269.JPGFall break was a blast!

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