The Happy Disruption

Last night something out of the ordinary stopped me in my ritual binge-watch of The Office. It was surely the umpteenth time I’d pressed play on Pam and Jim’s wedding. And it wasn’t for a lack of laughs that I stopped the show.

I had just had enough.

Like a person realizing they were stuck in Groundhog’s Day, I decided that the night after night of watching the same show over and over again was dull, and I was done.

So I backed up my Netflix to see what the other options were. There it was.

Brené’s Brown’s Call to Courage stared back at me. I’m a big Daring Greatly fan, though it’s been several years since I have read it.

I pushed play.

Chills and shivers and all the up-and-down-the-spine feelings coursed through me. An hour and a half later, my inspirameter was at full capacity.

Bravery. Courage. Vulnerability. Compassion. Empathy. Joy.

These are concepts that I want to wholeheartedly dig into. These are concepts I want to add my voice as a Christian to.

I cannot possibly sum up all the thoughts that were rumbling and swirling in my mind–there were too many. But this art print from Kelly Rae Roberts shows off one of the most impactful!


Happy Disruption

I was grateful for the disruption from my normal routine!

I came away from the”interruption to my regular programmed show” with several thoughts, but most prominent among them was the clear call to be me, to translate that across all areas of my life, and to take specific steps toward breaking down the existing barriers between the person I have crafted myself to be and who I really am.

So here I am on this imperfect, inspiration-laden day ready to take my first step.

If you have five minutes and some patience for my rambling way of talking (and uneven sound!), I invite you to have a look at this video and share what impacts you!

Can’t wait to hear from you!!

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