Summer Gains

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means it’s time to reflect on how my goals for the summer have been going. And to say the least, they haven’t been going. It’s been a summer of gains. And not the gains you want!

I’m talking yo-yo weight gain!

Part of me wants to find the most grueling workout schedule and the strictest meal plan I can and punish myself for the last two off months I’ve had. But don’t worry, I won’t be doing that.

To add to this, I’ve been seeing my friends find success and move toward their goals.  Every other day I feel different about this. On some days happy posts and visits where I get to learn all about their results send me into a downward spiral (straight into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s). Other days, (like today) they inspire me to pick myself up and get going again. I have to admit to struggling with my attitude on this, but I’m working on it! (Perhaps just a scoop of that ice cream would carry me through….)

But back to the facts–my summer gains are all mine. I am 100% responsible for each one of those weasel-pounds that have sneaked up on me. But before I get too hard on myself, let’s go back to January. Back then I was highly motivated and had just started Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession . I was successful at that, sticking to the rigorous schedule of working out 40-60 minutes a day…for 80 days!

But I did lose 23 pounds, which was half the goal for the year that I had set for myself.

Before After 80DO

Wow, I loved the shrinking muffin top area!

I was super motivated throughout the program–and even joined a nation-wide challenge group on Facebook for Beachbody Coaches doing 80DO. However, after the program, I was close to being burned out on working out. (You know, they should really start an “after” challenge group to keep you going so you don’t totally tank like me!) I needed a break. But I didn’t just take a break. I stopped EVERYTHING I’d been doing that was working, tracking, eating better, working out, all of it.

In May, I pretty much maintained my losses until the end of the month, when we drove to Texas for my cousin’s wedding. While there, I took the word vacation literally. I vacationed from all mode of eating well.  I jokingly apologized to my cousin for the pop-tarts and dollops of peanut butter I was daily adding to my ice cream.

“It’s vacation! Don’t worry,” she told me. Well, I probably shouldn’t have also eaten half a Sam’s Club BOX of peanut butter crackers while being on vacation.

In fact, I didn’t care at all. The scale nicely showed me the cost of my lack of accountability.  A gain of 7 lbs.

Now, normally, this kind of weight gain would translate into a day or week of meltdown (much less adorable than pictured here), but I actually learned about a nutrition plan that was launching, would you believe, that week! Beachbody released 2B Mindset at the exact time I needed it! An anti-diet plan focusing on losing weight happily by resetting your mind about reasonable goals and eating delicious foods in the right ratios. I ordered the program while in the hotel on our drive back from the wedding.

I was ready to get back to it!

I spent two weeks on the nutrition plan and dropped half of those 7 pounds easily and happily! Look at these delicious foods I was eating!

Then Disney hit. Now I don’t know about you, but finding carrots or fresh fruit or veggies is no easy job (perhaps impossible???) and carrying those things into the park was just not going to happen.

DSC02635Proof of all the sweating (and slushy-drinking) that was happening.

To make a long story short, I gained another 10 lbs despite walking 9 miles a day (that’s 19,000+ steps a day for those of you step counters) several times. Who knows how many I’d have gained without all the walking!

ButterbeerWe all know the real culprit for weight gain were the frozen Butterbeers…

But getting back from vacation, to be honest, I knew I was in for a wake-up call. I was going to see that scale jump quite a bit I was sure, and that was okay. Actually, it was refreshing to not hate myself for vacationing for once.

Unfortunately,  I now also have to come to grips with those extra pounds when it came to wearing real clothes again. On the one hand, it’s frustrating and would be easy to live in the space of that frustration considering I had hoped to have reached at least 30 of my 45 lb weight-loss goal by now. On the other hand, I realize that weight loss takes time and requires self-care and grace.

DSC02238Don’t I have the BEST kids? They don’t care about my love handles or walrus arms. (Okay, I’ll cut it out.) But truth be told, they see me for me, and it’s about time I see me for me too.

I jumped right back in to my 2B Mindset planning Sunday and it’s great to get back to losing that weight happily. Four pounds have fallen off, mostly water weight I’m certain. But the habits that I absolutely have to practice are back in running mode again.

I’m tracking my foods. All of them.

I’m eating my delicious foods again. All of them. Bring on the blueberries and almonds!

I’m working out, but reasonably. I don’t want to burn out again, so 30-40 minutes it is.

Beachbody has a cool Challenge du Jour program you can access through BOD (Beachbody on Demand). CDJ mixes up popular workouts from BB Master trainers, and then lines them up in your workout cue, so all you have to do is click play! Today’s workout was from Clean Week, a program I hadn’t ever done, and it was just the right amount of cardio I needed.

I’ll probably need the rest of the summer to recoup my losses (well, gains) but that’s okay! And I have the rest of the year to keep moving forward. We mamas tend to be very harsh on ourselves if we don’t just snap back to our pre-baby bodies, and I want to encourage moms everywhere to give yourself some grace, some focus, support, and a whole lot of love.

And if you are looking for support and encouragement from someone who is going through it, I’d love to help!


I’ve gained 50-60 lbs five times and lost it four times (and am halfway there from the fifth pregnancy), so I understand where you’re coming from. Plus I’d simply be happy to do the journey together with you!

To get in touch with me about your goals or questions, leave a comment!

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