The Best Vacation Ever by Alex, age 8

I am Alex. I have my arms crossed over my chest. Nope. Not anymore. Yep. Again. Oops I don’t now. Anyway, I am eight years old and I went on vacation.

On vacation I went to Disney World.

What was really fun was I got to see my cousins. Their names are Dom, Gabe, JP, Sophie, Lucy, and Eli.


Not pictured: Lucy and Eli

07 _ Mickey Mouse

Even thought it doesn’t look like it, I enjoyed meeting Mickey the most, of all the characters. (I was boycotting smiling until Mom and Dad realized it and told me to stop by threatening to take away tablet time on the road, which worked by the way!)

At Disney, I got to drive a race car with Grandpa. I also got ride on a carousel.

The splash pad area at Magic Kingdom was cool.


Epcot was fun too, but by that point, I was getting tired of posing for so many pictures.


Then came Legoland! This was a surprise. We didn’t know we would be going!

I had tons of fun building legos, making my name while we waited to go into the park. The first picture shows all 11 of us–my four brothers and sisters and my six cousins.


On our last day at the Disney house, we had a talent show. I balanced three books on my head for 50 seconds. It took me three tries but I got it on the third try.

I also emceed the talent show and made sure that everyone went in the right order and was introduced.


Grandpa and Lita ordered the whole family (all 17 of us) matching shirts with our names on the sleeve. It was easy to spot everyone with our group because we were wearing white and all looked the same!


I thought my time with Grandpa and Lita at their house was awesome. I got to play Battlefront, which is one of my favorite games, but I really enjoyed playing pool and swimming in their pool. Plus playing on the park and swimming in the ocean were a blast!


I finally got to use my boogie board from my sixth birthday!


Enjoying the park off Pompano Beach, a place I came when I was almost 12 months old, seven years ago!


June 2011


June 2018


This is my favorite pic that Grandpa took of me for my mini photo shoot on our last day.



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