Quinn, age 4, loves Disney

I don’t want to go shopping. I just like playing with Lego’s and watching Paw Patrol. And actually, I had my birthday on the first day of our vacation!

So now I am four years old!


I wore my FOUR pin all day our first full day at Magic Kingdom.


When I woke up on my birthday, I found a tiny puppy in my arms–it was Zuma, my favorite character from Paw Patrol.

DSC01864It was awesome to celebrate my birthday with my cousins! We had an awesome party.


At Disney I had to sit out a few rides, but that was okay because Mommy and I walked around and got smoothies (and ice cream–shhhh!) and I got to take lots of pictures with my favorite things in the stores.


Daddy and I got to do a lot of rides together. This purple roller coaster at Universal Islands of Adventure in Seussland was super fun! It was high above everything. I wasn’t scared. I sat there.

38 _ Pluto.jpg

I tried to knock Pluto down. He was much stronger than I thought. I actually liked all the characters I met!


After all our Disney fun, I was excited to go to Legoland. Here were some of my favorite things from that park:


…riding the train through the Duplo park…


…meeting Master Wu (I wasn’t sure if there was a real person or not in there)…


…climbing on all the Lego people made out of…LEGOS!


…they even had Lego Star Wars stuff!


At our talent show at the end of our Disney time, my cousin, Dom, let me help him and taught me how to do a magic trick. I made a parrot from my new Paw Patrol set appear!


I loved the beach too, but I didn’t like the water and it was hot. Mommy dumped water on me to cool me off, and I buried toys in the sand. I actually lost one toy because we couldn’t find it after I buried it! Oops.

Now playing at the park was my FAVORITE thing to do when we got done swimming. I climbed on everything, and this rock was the best. I just climbed up it and sat there. It was fun because I didn’t have to wear shoes!


I really liked my vacation and want to go on another trip when I’m five. I also really liked my time at Legoland and when I am an adult, every time I go on vacation, I’m going to take my kids to Legoland!



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