Lucas, age 5, goes to Disney and beyond

Lucas here. I am just lounging around on the couch enjoying some tablet time. My favorite game, by the way, is Fruit Ninja. I’m good at that.

I got to go on vacation to Florida and when I was there, I go to…


…sleep in a Daffy Duck room with my brothers (this is my cousin JP and one brother)…


…play in the water by Dumbo at Magic Kingdom…

26 _ Chipmunk.jpg

…take a picture with a giant chipmunk…


…take a picture with my cousins at Medieval Times…


…eat bread and chicken and soup while watching knights and horses fight…


…I rode tons of rides with Daddy…

(I’m hoping next time I can ride by myself.)


…I got to attack Mommy by jumping on her and hugging her neck!


My favorite thing at Legoland was the ICEE!


It was so yummy!


Here I rode on a ride, a horse, for once by myself! Seeing Darth Vader in the Mini Figure area was awesome! I also got to master some Spinjitsu with my Ninjago friends.


After we did Disney and Legoland, we got to go to Lita and Grandpa’s house and I got to swim by myself without water wings at their pool! In the ocean I kept them on because it was too deep without them. I enjoyed the ocean. It was good there–the sand was fun and I searched for fish with Alex and Daddy a lot.


I did not like the taste of the ocean water in my mouth!


Grandpa took lots of pictures of me on our last day in Florida, and this one is my favorite!

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