Autumn, age 6, at Disney

I am Autumn. I am 6. I’m hopping around on one foot. On my head is a giant neon green and baby blue bow that I’ve been wearing since yesterday morning.

This is my vacation blog.

On vacation we went to Disney World. My favorite thing was getting wet. It was hot and I got wet as much as I could.

Lita had made sure we all had battery-operated water bottles.

DSC02630.JPGWe used them EVERY DAY.


I also loved swimming at the Oasis clubhouse with my cousins and brothers.

One of the best parts of our Disney trip was watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom while eating mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was so delicious!


The Dreams Come True fireworks were really amazing.


After Disney, we went to Epcot and then Universal Islands of Adventure. My favorite ride at Epcot was the Frozen ride! Anni and I got Elsa and Anna costumes and wore them at the Disney house as much as we could. My crown hurt my head when I wore it at breakfast so I had to take it off.


At Universal Islands of Adventure, we got to go on roller coasters. I wasn’t scared one bit. But then the next park we visited, Legoland, I decided to go on a ride that went back and forth in the air, very fast! I did cry on that ride (Alex did too!) But it was all okay because we got giant slushies after that.

DSC02295Slushies make the world a better place.

DSC02362.JPGLita and I really enjoyed our slushies!


Legoland was also fun because we got to climb a wall, and I went to driver’s school and learned all the rules for driving on the road. Alex and I drove around in our own cars. I rode in a yellow taxi, and Alex was in a red race car. Mommy had to yell at me to stop sitting at a stop sign, but I was just just trying to obey the traffic rules.

The last part of our Disney trip I got to be in our Cousins by the Dozens talent show. I sang A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman. It was awesome.

DSC02802After Disney, we drove down to Lita and Grandpa’s and we got to go swimming in their pool and go to the beach every day.

DSC02930I did not like the seaweed on the beach, but the sand was fun (but really hot!)

06_AnnieAnni and I got matching shirts from Legoland and Grandpa tried to take a pic of us together but Anni wasn’t very cooperative. Oh well. Maybe next time!

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