Anni, age cries-a-lot, sweats and smiles too

Anni Banani survived Disney.

19 months old is a tough age to travel. For one, you sit backwards in a car-seat. For hours. And days.


Then, when you do arrive to your destination, you are strapped into other contraptions, toddler chairs, high chairs, flotation devices. The list is endless…


Anni was through with it all day one.

But she had plenty more days to make it! She was very hesitant about the water throughout the whole trip, choosing to cling to Mommy for the most part. She did touch a few puddles at Magic Kingdom!!


…and she took lots of sweaty naps…


Mommy, Audi, and Anni all got Minnie ears, and surprisingly, Anni kept hers on for a good part of the day!


The stingrays caught her attention while visiting Epcot.


The jellyfish too!


After three days of parks, she had had it when we went to Medieval Times. All the jousting and whip-snapping and royal conversation just wasn’t her cup of tea.


…although she did sit on Mommy’s lap for 90 minutes! She ate some chicken and plenty of ice. Yes, scooped from my mug. The waiter was horrified that she was playing with the sugar packets and whisked them away (but not before, and I kid you not, he smoothed them out and put them back in the container!!) We decided he hadn’t interacted with toddlers before.


For all her sweating and lip-pursing, she did find plenty of times to smile! She even climbed up and got in her stroller by day four! She was getting the hang of it!

18 _ Universal

She did enjoy the carousel!

07 _ Universal

And EVERYONE loved her Lilo and Stitch dress.


By the end of the trip, Anni had sweat enough.


When no one was looking…


She stole my drink! I didn’t mind at that point….


Oh Anni! We tried to capture some pictures of her too, but realized that in addition to all the sweating and screeching she was doing, she was getting in molars! Which explained…




…and this.


To be 19 months old and to make it through Disney, through five days of driving, and many bottles of milk that curdled before we could replace it…well, it makes for one pretty tough bear!


She did great!

And got lots of hugs throughout!

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