Abundant Love

God wants to do things in my life that are even BEYOND my wildest dreams, my craziest hopes, my most vivid imaginings. And He’s being doing them from as long as I can remember.

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, Ephesians 3:20

The Lord has been so, so good to me. So, so kind. Cue Reckless Love. So compassionate, and giving, and has blessed me beyond anything I could have hoped for or imagined. Yet despite all these blessings, I battle with doubts and discontentment.

My life of fullness quickly becomes one of want. I see Pinterest and the many creative ways I could be organizing my Lego bins. Suddenly I’m flooded with unhappiness. If only I had this particular space! Or if only I had that creative mind! In a flash, the happiness I was just enjoying is sucked out of my mind. In its place is desire for a thing or a room or a situation that I just don’t have.

How can I be a good parent if I can’t get a handle on my kids’ toys, let alone organize them? How can I be a good wife if I can’t stop criticizing my husband?

The devil would love nothing more than to keep me in this place. He would love for me to feel disjointed. He would love me to be convinced that the images I see in the thousands of Pinterest boards are what I deserve. He wants me to believe that until I have them and that these desires should overwhelm me and occupy my mind endlessly. And yes, I often spend hours of my life on idle, worshiping each image as it stares blankly back at me.

It’s no wonder I can’t thank Him for what He’s given me—I’m lost forgetting what it is that I even have in my pursuit of everything I think I need.

THIS thing that is happening in us and all around us is NOT the truth.

The Lord has promised abundance for us. That may not translate into financial abundance. It may not mean an abundance of friends. OR the biggest backyard. Or the best car. And on and on. But He does tell us over and over again that He wants MORE than we understand for us, and not only that but we actually HAVE it now. We just need to realize it.

Yes, the story of grace and mercy again. It’s the lesson of the gospel. The story of Jesus coming down to earth and living his life as fully God and human and dying for our sins. The story of His abundant love going to us, each of us, though we had not earned it and though we even deny Him after we have accepted it. He waits for us as the Prodigal’s father. He yearns for us. He desires us to know Him and to find EVERYTHING from him.

We can spy abundance from Him everywhere we look. It’s only a drive down the street to the nearest corn field.

Marvel at the horizon as the sun falls behind it.

Or watch the waves lap at your toes the next time you’re standing in the ocean.

Look into the eyes of your best friend as

she tells you the story of her day, and recognize those human emotions—glee, fear, questions—delight in your similarities as you explore the joys of friendship, a gift from above.

Savor an evening with your husband on the couch…

…do so whether your curled up reading your favorite book or sitting side-by-side watching your favorite sitcom.

Make it a point

to find the promise of abundance in your EVERYDAY, because it is already there.

We know this, yet we believe lies over truth. We live in the lack of rather than  abundant love. 

Here are some of the lies I’ve captured in my life:

I am not good enough to enjoy friendship with other women.


My parenting style and methods are ruining my kids.

Accusations like these fly forth faster than we can often catch them. Because we don’t even recognize these things as lies, we live THERE.

We believe lies and we sit in sadness, pining for that Pinterest board, missing out on wonderful friendships, forgetting to acknowledge the riches from the LORD in the form of husbands he handpicked, and the homes he has provided, the children, careers, gifts, and on and on that He’s blessed us with.

Abundance is a term that many of us think we are entitled to, something we ought to strive for–an admirable destination. Why else would flyers of million dollar homes show up in my mail box? Why else would I have more pins than I will ever be able to try out, let alone Pinterest boards to prioritize?

Jesus’ promise of abundance was counter cultural in His time and still is now. 

His promise to us is a life of abundance in Him. It’s not something we can earn, and in fact, it’s definitely not something we deserve. I’ve been brainstorming what abundance through the lens of gospel looks like. It’s there for the taking. Read or watch/listen to Ephesians and see what I mean. It may just change the way you think about contentment. Career. Kids. All of it.

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