Staying the Path

Today is day 11 in my 21 days of discipline and purpose in the kitchen and I’m so excited I’ve stayed the path this long. I’m feeling (and seeing) the results!

BREAKFAST: Just eggs! Oh and a banana. Simple and filling. Yay!

Ok, yes the pic shows rice and avocado but neither were tasty so I chucked ‘em. Leftovers did not work today!! (Spoiler alert!)

SNACK: I rummaged through the fruit drawer and ate an orange. Good but cold. I may have to start keeping them out because of a super sensitive molar. 🤔

LUNCH: My leftovers for lunch left much to be desired. I reheated rice and chicken from last night and dumped the rest of the cold veggies on top. It wasn’t nearly as tasty as last night’s dinner, and after I realized I was picking at my rice I stopped eating it and pulled out a bowl of grapes and sliced banana. That was good!

The second toughest part of the day eating-wise is between lunch and dinner. (#1 hardest time is after dinner!!) I always get to feeling the munchies so after the first round I made a bowl of red grapes and baby carrots. About a cup each. That bought me an hour or so. Then around four it started up again so I popped a piece of sugarless gum….and went to work.

My wonderful middle boy helped me clean the master bathroom and had many things to tell me throughout. Like how he knew a way we could reuse the toothbrush he was cleaning the tub jets with (Just wash with water, Mommy!) Or questioning me on whether spinach was real (we just discovered Popeye) and whether we had any (yes, we do but not the canned stuff).

This kid…..

DINNER: It was worth the wait! We had spotted flounder at the store so Christian found a great Weight Watchers recipe for an Asiago cheese crusted dish and we had steamed green beans and reheated Spanish rice. The rice wasn’t good 👎🏻 but the littlest liked it so she gobbled that up.

And that about wraps my day up!!!

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