Another Day, Another Challenge

Just as sure as you get in the groove with a new habit, watch out, because something just as sure will be ready to derail you.

Today it was this. Poor little girl had a 103 temp and was a mess! My whole day’s plans did a 180.

BREAKFAST: I opened that fridge and grabbed another yogurt. As uninspiring as that may sound, it hit the spot for a few hours.

Then along came the hustle and bustle of the day, I could not put this baby down. She wanted to be held constantly. So I had a choice. Give into the temptation to get off track and eat a bunch of goldfish or chocolate covered raisins (why are these things in my house?!?) or eat something that would give me energy and boost my mood. I knew I’d feel better if I stayed on the latter path.

So I did.

I dumped a bunch of baby carrots out on a plate (pictured here) and ate each carrot, thinking about the sweet and filling flavor. These got me from mid-morning until lunch when I realized I had hummus still!!!

SNACK: just baby carrots

LUNCH: I toasted a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread and put a tablespoon of hummus on it. To that I added sliced avocado, cucumber and tomato. And salt and pepper.

Some good food there!

Throughout the afternoon I snacked on mandarin oranges. I was so ready for dinner!!

DINNER: a plate full of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red peppers, feta and pork loin. I savored every bite.

I ate another mandarin after dinner and enjoyed a La Croix.

What helped me stay on track throughout this day of running from preschool to the doctor to home back to church and home again were these little veggie and fruit “snacks” that were easy to grab and eat. I’ve also been eating intentionally more slowly at dinner. This helps combat that crazy feeling of hunger that can sometimes crop up after dinner!

It was another day with another challenge but I came through by sticking to my commitment and having some go-to snacks and meals throughout this unexpectedly challenging day.

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