One Week In…

That shock to my body called working out plus focused eating has produced some results!

So what about today?!

BREAKFAST: I was in a furious hurry! Even though I was up at 6 and worked out, I totally ran out of time to cook anything. Thankfully I have a fridge full of Chobani yogurts!

So I downed one of these and ran into the day.

LUNCH: Though I didn’t have the chance to make a meal this morning, I did get a chance to hard boil a bunch of eggs. I peeled a couple eggs and then sliced up half an avocado and tomato and ate them on toasted Dave’s Killer Bread. Delicious!!

I shoved in an apple at some point in the afternoon and for dinner…..

DINNER: Christian grilled up chicken and cut it up over a salad with avocado!

And best of all I made it through this evening WITHOUT snacking on a thousand things I shouldn’t! I tried a few popped kernels of kettle corn but that was it! I kept so busy I didn’t miss the normal eating tirade.

Okay! Let’s go week 2!!!

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