My Favorite Season is Here!

If you’re just jumping in to my story, you’ll be happy to know I’m eating my way through three weeks of discipline in the kitchen, runs on the weekends, and workout videos in the pre-dawn hours. And it’s day five already! 

My favorite season is here—Fall!! Even though it doesn’t feel a bit like it thanks to these 90+ degree days, I’m determined to keep at my #fallgoals of #feelinggoodagain and #fitting into all the cooler weather clothes of mine that sat dormant last autumn while I was preggo with #babyfive. 

(Me last fall!) 

Fall means leaves and wind and chilly mornings, spider webs and blooming mums and open windows! Fall being my favorite season is the top reason why I named #beartwo Autumn!

So while I will certainly enjoy some of my favorite things before the white stuff flies (if any of it decides to visit us in Southern Indiana this year) like all my pumpkin spice items, for now I’m sticking to my plan of discipline in the kitchen! 

So here were my meals Day 5: 

BREAKFAST: One of my favorite things is chocolate so a chocolate smoothie for breakfast is the perfect fix! Today I put crushed almonds on top for a fun finishing touch!

LUNCH: Pork, rice, beans. Boom! 💥 

SNACK 1: I ate lunch at 11 so by 1:00 pm I was hungry! I made some of my favorite #fallfood: simple ham roll ups filled with pepper jack cheese and sliced apples. 

SNACK 2: Right as clockwork I was ready at 3:00 pm for a mid afternoon snack! So I dove into a banana, smearing a knifeful of natural peanut butter on each bite. #proteinpacked

DINNER: For dinner it was tilapia and leftover Spanish rice (kids’ side dish at dinner yesterday) with sautéed onions and mushrooms. 

Later tonight I may lunch on pistachios or grab some grapes. Maybe both. Likely both. I got two workouts in today and ate almost every 2 hrs all day long so definitely both. 

As far as dealing with my sweet tooth these cuties will have to do!

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