Discipline in the kitchen can be fun!

One of the super fun things about getting disciplined in the kitchen is mixing up what I eat throughout the day. So here were the fun but still disciplined choices I made today. 

BREAKFAST: These runny eggs were piled high with salsa and to add just a tiny bit more flavor an ounce of shredded white cheddar cheese. I placed them on two corn tortillas and viola! 

Rather than having a mid morning snack I made lunch early, basically whipping up leftovers from last night. 

LUNCH: Quinoa, cucumber, tomato, feta, and grilled chicken. Let me tell you, this was as good reheated as it was last night!

I had a chai tea around 1 and needed a snack by 3! 

SNACK TIME: Cauliflower and hummus! Love this. Also great with hummus is cucumber, celery, and carrots. 

DINNER: Hats off to the Huzby for cooking up all this pork and veggie dish. He baked a pork loin covered in a spicy rub he ground himself with a real mortar and pestle set. This he combined with rice, black beans, and a green pepper and onion salsa he made himself. #hesamasterchef. 

And today was fun and delicious and disciplined!! It can be done!

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