3 Weeks of Wholeness 

Day 1 – Day 2

Commitment is totally important when it comes to pursuing your goals, but another just as crucial component is accountability. 

So for three weeks (just 21 days!) I’m using my blog as an accountability and tracking tool to keep a record of what I’m eating on my first-in-months 21 Day Fix Journey! 

Day 1 was yesterday and I didn’t have a chance to take pics of anything but I can jot down my meals. 

BREAKFAST: Smoothie–1 tsp almond butter, 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology, 1 half banana, 6 ice cubes, and water to cover all. I blended and drank it up! That held me solid until I got home from work at 12:30. 

LUNCH: Salad–2-3 cups arugula/mixed greens, 1/2 c sliced cucumber, 1/8 c feta, 5-6 Tyson chicken chopped nuggets, 2 T Olive Garden Italian dressing. I also had a mandarin orange!

SNACK: 🍎 Apple, sliced 

DINNER: Chinese five spice seasoned brown rice with tilapia and steamed broccoli. 

DESSERT: A few pieces of cut fruit AND because my very good friend made it–spiced apple cake with something creamy and decadent smothered all over! And a cup of coffee. 

I was really surprised I wasn’t more hungry. I drank a couple bottles of water and two cans of sparking water as well throughout the day. 

Day 2: Today

BREAKFAST: 1/3 cup oats, 1 smashed banana, 1-2 T raw cacao powder, 1 tsp almond butter, and 1/3 cup milk. Heated all ingredients until warm through over the stove. Topped with two sliced strawberries. No pic today but I’ll get one next time! Promise. 🤞 

Mid-morning SNACK: Thanks to the  suggestion of a friend, I grabbed a hot chai that was made with steamed coconut milk. I drank most of it! ✅ 

LUNCH: A whole bag of salad. I added six Tyson chicken nuggets. Had to. Delicious. It took me 20 minutes to eat but I savored every bite. 

SNACK: Apple and 1/4 PB and J (leftover kid lunch–also yum) 

DINNER: Ground turkey tacos 🌮 the lite way. Christian heated corn tortillas and chopped them up and mixed with greens , avocado 🥑 , ground turkey, tomatoes 🍅, and cheddar cheese. (1/2 a small avocado each and 1 ounce cheese.) AND a dollop of sour cream. 

Lime LaCroix 

DESSERT: A single serving cup of Chobani blueberry Greek yogurt topped with 1/4 cup chopped grapes and 2-3 T almonds. So yum. #chobaniisthebest

I drank a bunch of water and did a three mile 🏃🏻‍♀️ run AND #upperfix so Day 2 is in the books! 

Here is what the Upper Fix workout entails:

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