Why I almost always forget to RSVP

I had a good friend in college who loved making lists. The joy she gained from crossing each item off her list with an indelible marker was impossible to miss.

Her structured way of looking at life was something I always admired and even attempted to imitate. But I never was very successful. 

The truth is I get so caught up in making lists that I never begin the lists! (I have a similar struggle with my planner!)

Plus my natural habitat is to live in spontaneity. In truth, schedules and deadlines and plans put pressure on me. I don’t want to be overwhelmed! 

But I don’t only want to be laid back. I also want to be purposeful. Let’s face it, if I don’t build some structure (key word, SOME)  into my life, raising 5 kids might be a bit of a challenge! 

Here’s what I notice that I sometimes miss on account of my free spirited living:

*being on time

*sending invitations


*scheduling plans ahead of time

*knowing what realistically can be done in a given amount of time 

*judging when I should leave event 1 to arrive at event 2

I know there’s a balance out there to strike. Now to find it….

Perhaps if I wrote things down or made a list….and stipulated to myself that I must get to the list. Perhaps then I’d stop forgetting to RSVP. 

What about you? Are you a lister, a structure-phile? Are you more of a free spirit? How do you do both? Or should we even try to? 

I’d love to know what you think! 

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