Letters and Notes to Moms

This week we celebrate mothers with Mother’s Day Sunday so it’s fitting to do something for the mom in my life. Today’s tasks aptly include letters and notes to moms.

Maybe you can share a Bible verse with your mother that captures something about her.

I used Pic Collage to make the one above! I’d painted the hot air balloon using the kids water colors weeks ago and had saved a photo of it. The rest was a piece of cake. 

1. Find a pic. 

2. Choose a fun background 

3. Insert a Bible verse 

4. Text to mom! 

Another idea is to find a quote from a famous person in history or celebrity that fits. This is one that I love and have shared with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.

Another idea is to simply get out the old fashioned pen and paper and write a letter to your mother or mom friend.

What do I write?

1. Think about the last conversation you had with your mom/friend. 

2. Pen a line on 2-3 of the subjects you discussed. Think of how those impacted you. TELL her. 

3. Slip in a picture of your kids, a bookmark, or simply write your message in your favorite color.

I  remember how much I love getting letters and things with someone’s personal touch! I’m sure others appreciate it too! 

Is there a mother you could support with a simple note? Write her a letter!

2 thoughts on “Letters and Notes to Moms

  1. I love this! And I love reading old letters. It’s so nice to have those to reflect back on things in your life! Maybe I’ll find myself inspired to write some letters this week. =D

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