Letters and Lists in May 

This May I plan to re-enter the world of words. To get myself back in the groove, I’m challenging myself with letters and lists and more. 

Today’s writing is more drawing than writing but it did get me listing. 

Foods from pizza to broccoli to sbux. Can’t leave out my fav foods! 

So it’s super clear I love ice cream. I’m trying to love it a bit less for the next few weeks and I am 100% sure the answer lies in creatively mixed smoothies. I’m sure that journey will work its way in here!


I’m also going to be writing letters and doing a weekly list on happiness to reflect on the things that bring positivity, balance, and joy into my life. 

Last week my sister joined me in a challenge to self reflect! 

Here’s my list. (You’ll have to ask her for hers!) 

  1. Quiet
  2. Organizing things
  3. Painting
  4. Meaningful conversations
  5. Chocolate smoothies
  6. Running
  7. Correcting grammar
  8. Comparative linguistics
  9. Group bible study
  10. Light steaming inside 
  11. Coffee time at sbux
  12. Anni’s morning smiles
  13. Reading to the kids 
  14. Date nights
  15. Eating well 

The challenge was to ask what action I might take to achieve ONE of these things and turn it into a daily practice that would foster happiness, balance, joy….

My gleanings:

What brings me peace and calm is PEACE and CALM at the beginning of the day. What action I need to take is to be intentional and get up every morning and get a head start on everyone. Even if I only wake up 20 minutes before the tousled haired monsters…

I need that 20 minutes to read my Bible, to pray, to journal, or to simply look out my window at the dewy grass….

By adding quiet into my life (note item 1 on my list) I actually gain the quiet I crave. 

The results:

I’m working on it but so far I’m enjoying the added margin. I don’t miss the few minutes of lost sleep. I kill fewer brain cells gaping at the kids and their morning hide-n-seek in the couch games. 

I’ve got myself centered. Now instead of me racing around them, I just let them race around me. 

Wanna join my May journaling challenge? I’m working through this fun May Journaling Prompts list I found on Pinterest. 

And to get in on the awesome weekly journaling inspiration, follow me here as I share my own lists or get your copy of 52 Lists for Happiness from a bookstore near you or trusty Amazon. 

That’s all for today!! 

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