Good Tree, Good Heart

Good friends of ours gave us a peach tree a few years ago as a gift for Audi–Audi’s peach tree. We planted that tree in the backyard right away. We watered it and watched it. I had no idea what to expect and in fact did expect that it would likely die as most things that I planted outdoors did. I knew nothing about peach trees, but what I did know was that giving that tree water and doing so every day was a must. 

Indianapolis springs and summers are hot, and this one was no different, as TimeHop has been reminding me. With temperatures that jumped into the triple digits, watering that tree became my daily routine. I dragged the hose out, turned on the water and watched it slowly gurgle through the mouth of the hose over and into the ground around that tree. Other spots in our yard grew bare and yellow that summer but the earth around the peach tree was as green as a rain forest.

Good Tree, Good Heart

Our hearts too need nourishment and watering to extend the metaphor. I am reminded of the good tree, good heart principle from my study today of Matthew 12:33-35 and a similar passage in Proverbs:

Above all things, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. 

I was obsessed with that peach tree that early spring and summer after it made its way to us. I had never been so diligent in any gardening endeavor (before or since!) and was just absolutely certain that I would ruin this tree somehow. But the answer with that tree was simple–I just had to take care to water it.

And the tree grew.

Likewise, I’ve seen the same process in myself. Regular care through cultivating good thoughts, behaviors and promises from God in my own “storehouse” produces a good heart, a good ground for good words. On the flip side, not nourishing, not storing up what is true and good quickly leads to an uncultivated rough field in the heart that produces the bare and yellow soil, which in turn, leads to empty and harsh words, thoughtlessness and more.

Good Tree, Good Fruit.

Good Heart, Good Words.

Conversation Peace

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