When I announed to my boss after three months of dating my now current husband that we were engaged, the response I got was completely opposite of what I expected. 

“Why would you go and get married? You’re young. Why marriage? Why now?”

Stunned at his lack of enthusiasm, I stared blankly at him. Then I found my voice rising in response with an answer equally opposite from what I’d have expected.

“Because together we are going to do more good than we ever could apart.”

“That’s a good answer,” my boss replied, shaking his head. “Can’t argue with that.”

Six years later (our anniversary is in only 10 days eeek!) and four kids later, I have to say that this life we have co-created is definitely #better together. Not only are our lives individually better together but the life we are creating, the journey, the children, the relationships are sharpening and refining and making others’ lives better as well.

It’s a phenomenon that individually I know for a fact we could not effect.

And it’s a theme that I have recently grown to realize is running throughout my life. The theme of co-creation. Doing things together. Doing things better together.

1. When you co-create professional goals, you get to complement your partner’s work and they complement yours. I’ve recently started writing a book with a writer (friend first, writer second) whom I admire so much. When I told her that her writing is inspiring and that I don’t know if I could ever write to her level, she reminds me–we are are going to sharpen each other in a way that separately we wouldn’t experience. #bettertogetherinwriting

2. When you co-create fitness goals, you create a vision and a path that you wouldn’t have imagined separately. I’ve recently become friends with a pediatrician who also has a passel of kids and is driven, understands my crazy life and yet still has space and desire to be fit, to get fit and to have fun at the same time. Together we are about to run a 10K and together we have pushed each other to drop double digit pounds and inches in less than 10 weeks! Together we realized that we have a goal of doing a triathalon. I would have NEVER thought of let alone had the confidence to try a triathalon. But as we talked about the idea a couple weeks ago, bam, there it was. #bettertogetherinfitness

3. When you co-create family goals, you get a chance to participate in the life and growth of your sister, your brothers, even your parents. This past New Year’s we as a family started sharing our goals for 2015. We projected that this year would be a big year of transition, a year of reaching financial goals, a year of reaching fitness goals, a year of reaching professional goals. Now, five months in, my brothers have both started new careers, my sister is on the cusp of beginning a new field of study, one she loves. My sisters-in-law have both started new businesses and my brother-in-law is continuing to make great progress toward finishing his BA. What’s more, my mom has achieved a life goal–becoming a nurse–and has just celebrated National Nurse’s Day for the first time doing the job she has dreamed of for over thirty years! My dad, as strong and exceptional as ever let himself reach one of his biggest goals this year, which was to take a vacation! My hubby is just about to finish his career of training…to start the “end” as we have been saying–a training period that has included four years of college, two years of graduate school, four years of medical school and three years of residency, not to mention the previous thirteen years of primary and secondary school that most of us fly through (what would you have been thinking at your high school graduation if you were told you had thirteen more years of school to complete before you could start your career?!!) Not only that, but he already has an interview lined up for a potential job–an exellent prospect, and regardless of whether it pans out, he will be a beacon of excellence and strength where ever he goes because that’s just what he is. As for me, I’ve made the jump from working for a marketing company to working solely as a freelancer and writing the content that I am called to write. #bettertogetherasfamily

The list goes on and on! I could talk about how editing a book for an author I admire has made me a better writer. #bettertogetherwritereditor Or how going to a park with my friend’s bilingual German-speaking nanny inspired me to get outdoors away from home more with my kids. #bettertogetherkidideas But my favorite is something that my pediatrician-friend inspired me with the other day during our 8 mile run (yes eight miles, yes we survived, yes we talked through the whole thing…yes we had to run at 5:30 in the morning to fit it in so that we could still tend to the collective of two hubbies and seven children waiting for us back at home)–she challenged me to consider the greater good that even I would be able to effect by combining my own writing goals, mommy goals and faith goals with those of my hubby’s. To consider being a duo, being a partnership and simply being #bettertogether by #doinglifetogether. (I know I’m hashtag crazy right now.)

So I’ve reinvented my tagline. This blog isn’t about my journey, my goals, my ideas, my kids…it’s a place where together Christian and I plan to share how life together in professional, personal, and spiritual places is #bettertogether.

We have no idea where it will go, but we’re excited to be doing it and now in both thought and words, share it with all of you.

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