live in the sunshine

The reason I continue to come back to Emerson is because he continues to come back to me. I was 21, sitting in my college dorm, eating a block of dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s and reading Nature. As if on purpose, the same sunlight streaming from his oh-so-eloquent words into my mind was streaming over my head and shoulders from the window behind me.

As I looked up, the dust particle cloud suspended in front of me danced, and the words so famous on thousands of Pinterest boards sat in my mind.

“live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air”

No other author has ever spoken so directly, so candidly and so completely to me until or since I met Emerson.

More than 10 years later those words are still suspended for me in the sun dust clouds that come falling on the morning floor after the sun hits that one particular angle.

Vacation for me even in my thirties is any place with a “sea” and a horizon. Nothing yet is more quieting than half-covered footprints in the sand, ankle-lapping water and the last bright rays of sun shooting from one corner of the world to the other.

And then there is the wind. Even a decade older, I find time once per day every day to walk outdoors and brace my face against the wind to drink the air. When Audi tells me that she loves the wind, I tell her I do too. I love it.

What are you doing to drink the wild air, to live in the sunshine? No matter what is going on in life, whatever negative, or difficult decision, God’s gift of life-giving and sustaining nature has the power to speak something.

The question is whether you are listening.

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