The Glow of Friday Nights

Friday nights are the nights I secretly love, but probably for at least two reasons that may be different from what the normal person would admit to.

1. Always Over Deliver on Fridays: Fridays, first of all, are the first day of the weekend. That means that no one really expects significant stuff from me work-wise Friday, but it also means I want to bring a whole lot more–I always want to over deliver on Fridays.

2. Secretly Work Extra on Fridays: The funny thing about Fridays is that because everyone is getting ready for the weekend, making social plans for Friday night and thinking about the fun they’ll have for the next two days, I’m thinking about how I can sneak in a bunch of extra work Friday night and rack up some extra hours! And when Christian has the weekends off, I’m all the more happy to do a bit more Friday night because I know that sleeping in might be a possibility!

3. Excitedly Planning and Napping: Fridays are exciting because the promise of the weekend is palpable. The promise of clearing out a closet, going on a walk, spending time at church, catching up on nap times whenever Quinn will go down–all of these promises build up for a wonderful feeling of anticipation.

This Friday I am particularly sharpened by all the tests I’ve managed to survive. I’ve survived a trip from Indy to Nashville with four bears in 5 hours. I’ve survived four days of a pitiful, sad little 18 month old bear running a 102 degree temperature and thrashing himself around the house. I’ve survived four nearly workless days followed by a day (today) of 5+ hours of work!

I’m not just being sharpened by trial but also being shaped by my 29 day Paleo challenge. I’m on day 3 and LOVING IT. From coconut chicken to chocolate zucchini nut butter muffins I am seriously in love with experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen again.

Quinn keeps sleeping just a few more minutes each nap, each night, another reason to look forward to Friday nights–more peace, more quiet, and more restful sleep!! And each Friday I think ahead to the next one, wondering what new, crazy, challenging things will happen in the space of the coming 7 days.

And my secret obsession with Fridays has another hour left to enjoy! What can I secretly work on, plan for, or anticipate? Check back next week I guess!

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