Never Cease To Be Amazed

Last week I tore out a poster from my just-got September issue of National Geographic Magazine. My all-time favorite thumb-through reading material. It never ceases to amaze me how enamored I am with those rich, glossy pages or the faint smell of binding glue or the maps, topographies and charts lining the magazine from cover to cover.

This month’s edition features the earth as it might be when all the sea ice melts. And the poster I pulled out and taped to the wall shows North America.

Today Alex, my now three year old, looks at the map from across the room and says, “Look, Mama, it’s the Earth. Planet, Mama, it’s planet.”

Where did he learn planet and how does he know that that flat picture of North America is a piece of a larger part of the planet?

Then a couple days after that he brought me my ringing phone and said, “It’s Christian, Mama. Christian.” Sure enough it was Daddy, and his name Christian Alexander was scrolling across the top of my iPhone.

And yesterday he looks at me and says, “I have teeth.” And he looks at Lucas and says, “Look at him. Bubble teeth!” And sure enough, six to seven teeth-size bubbles were lining up between Lucas’ lips! I had told him last week that Lucas didn’t have teeth but I said ” almost there,” to his question “Him have teeth?” Somehow a week later when I ask him again, “Does Lucas have teeth?” He answers, “Almost dere!”

At least a few times a week we look at each other and ask how Alex knows this or that. Or how he remembered something. It never ceases to amaze me.

And even when he’s in trouble! He has already figured out how to unlock both locks to the front door and has let himself out of the house as we are about to leave.

Yesterday Christian saw him spring to the door and start to unlock the deadbolt. He told Alex “No!” Alex did it anyway and so Christian went to him to slap his hand, and Alex darted under the table.

His response to Christian’s
“Come here,” was “I hiding.” But he came out from under the table to a slap on the hand. During which time Christian was explaining that Alex isn’t allowed to open the door.

To which Alex responded “I closing my eyes.” And he was. Christian said “Excuse me?” once or twice before Alex finally said “yes, Daddy.” Since when does he close his eyes in obstinace?!?

And the other furry balls of baby and toddlerhood are just as incredible.

Audacious Audi is attacking her world with brute force and vigor and using so many words now, including three word utterances–“I wan huh” (hug). Her! With curl-laden blondy-brown hair hanging in loops and wisps, with stare-at-you Riviera blues looking right into your soul and the rosebudiest of lips planting kiss after kiss, Audi Long Stocking equals instant and fast impression, complete and utter devotion, fiercely and staunchly yours.

Wriggles-Mcghee, Mr. Velveteen Delight, is Heaven and bliss to the infinite. Amidst thousands of kisses and snuggles, Lucas is sprouting teeth, launch-sprinting across the floor on all fours, and already trying to hike up on his back feet. And more. Not only is he on track to instantly melt every living female heart in a 100-mile radius of his smile, but he’s also fast tracking it to beat Alex’s 9 month old I-can-swipe-open-mommy-or-daddy’s-iPhone record.

My amazing bears!

And most brilliant and amazing of them all is the biggest, brightest bear Christian. With his Vandy bike shirt and REI enameled, zippered, gadgety pants decorated with a pocket and cache for every device one could possibly need in motion, his fudge-dark eyes and wild hair sprinkled with a kind of much-coveted salt and pepper streaking, this, my bulwark and husband, I have no end of thoughts and words for.

He loves so much that I do and challenges me more than anyone else in my life from faith to philosophy to simple facts of life. A person so tough he’ll get up at 3:30 to bike to work so I can have the car, but so cultured that he’ll set his alarm to Vivaldi!

A perfectionist and true proceduralist, he prefers (and loves) doing circumcisions to diagnosing flus.

Forthrightness like his, the kind that finds enough candor to tell you exactly how things are yet leave your dignity intact, makes him a person you can always believe.

And with his intense drive to search for solutions behind every challenge, to leave no stray lead uninvestigated and no unresolved path unaccounted for, (plus his memory of EVERYTHING) means that anytime anything gets out of balance, crazy or a problem arises, he will almost always initiate a solution and drive for resolution!

I never cease to be amazed at the blessings of my three bears and my WONDERFUL husband!!!

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Eph. 3:20-21

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