How Miley Is Getting the Message Out (and doesn’t know it)

Monday night our Bible study got started with what might seem like an unlikely conversation for a Bible study–Miley Cyrus and all the ruckus that erupted all over social media and the news after Sunday night’s MTV VMAs.  It wasn’t her costume design or lack thereof that was driving our conversation or the bad taste of twerking–it was the aftersurge of messages that were lighting up FB.

I saw the same fireworks-like explosion of comments when the Colts played the other day. Flash, flash, flash–20 photos of Lucas Oil Stadium appear in my feed.

I saw it this past spring the last three Sundays after Downton Abbey aired. Panic. Trepidation. Postulations. A virtual cacophony of sighs and spazz-out sessions. All within seconds.

Then I saw a tamer though just as emotion-stoked response after James Gandolfini died back in June. Tributes, memories, and other grief posts from Soprano fans.

One of the girls in the group (I never know whether to say girls or ladies or women or what. Girls seems like we’re teenagers. Ladies seems like we’re competitive professionals. Women feels too impersonal and empty…) was quick to take us to the next level.

Well, that’s the perfect time to pray. And even more. She needs the message of Christ just as much as any of us.

Why not brave a post to show compassion for an obviously confused girl looking for attention from all the wrong places? Why not add myself to the Miley conversation and point onlookers to a higher reality? Because the stuff of all those other conversations weren’t really more than reactions and what-this-world-is-coming-too comments. And there is higher meaning and an important message to get out.

Though I’m sure it’s not the message Miley was trying to get out, I’m certain it’s a message that needs sending.

I’m not usually the one to post an opinion to much on social media. But the idea that our culture, and me by the way too, worships sports, dramas and cultural icons and that we get as hyped up as we do about what’s happening in these realms is convicting.

It’s time that we consider what messages we are sending out whether it’s during prime time or any time and think about which realm we are pointing others too.




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