Various Plans, Adventures and Other Tales Part I

We five bears have embarked on a journey in more ways than one.

On June 15, we with our packed bags and various items of life made the 287 mile haul to Nashville, Tennessee, and planted ourselves in a pretty two-story brick house surrounded by blooming rose bushes.

Nearly nothing has happened how we planned. But everything happened in a much better way than we could have planned! And that same thread of our plans-God’s plans keep repeating itself. We are thinking that we should let God direct us now but Christian and I with our heads full of ideas, plans and our individual and coupled dreams just keep banking our expectations on our plans. It’s a struggle to trust the Master plan. And more so in a world where a lot of people just don’t even believe such a thing exists.

Just the fact that the two of us met and the way we did, the circumstances we did and in the midst of all the transition we were in and that IT ACTUALLY WORKED OUT are stamp proofs enough that there’s a Master plan. No, neither of us need convincing that there is a Master plan. We apparently just need a little fire, blood, sweat and tears to remind us.

To begin with, we never PLANNED to live outside of Indiana. EVER. Our plan was that Christian would be accepted to IU’s Residency program and work at Riley Hospital for Children for three years and then get hired somewhere nearby and do his 4-year repayment for his primary care scholarship. (which we are much grateful that he received! Sidebar, Christian is just amazing like that to have not only been accepted against all odds to IU to start with being that he was an out of state resident at the time and the 3 percent likelihood that he’d even gain entrance to the school, let alone win this highly prized award…and all the general unknown other factors and mysteries that medical schools put candidates through.)

And after that plans were/are to get into a fellowship program for neonatology…but that’s so far away now, seven more years in the future, that I won’t even try to talk about what our plans were or are for that!

So you can see that the plan NEVER included the word Nashville or any other city for that matter really.

Oh and did I mention that in our plan to NEVER move out of state or to NOT be moving for at least seven years (from start of med school though residency), we decided to buy a house?

And it’s a wonderful house and we love it and I still love it with it’s 90+ years of character, walled in fireplaces, arched entryways, original hardwood floors and our little peach tree (bearing peaches!) for our peach Audi, and the SPACIOUSNESS, I still believe it’s a gem in our lives and that we found a treasure when we found that house.

But here we are now. Renting a house in Nashville and OWNING a house in Indianapolis. That is most definitely sure the number one situation outside our plan that’s happening now. But that will change soon and details and a story and other tales will come out there soon.

To be continued…


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