Stumble Upon a Green Life

It’s pretty trendy now to go green and to be conscientious about the environment and our impact on it. But my adventure into some greener choices hasn’t been one of direct intention. Rather its been a sort of stumble upon.

The closest thing to green I was growing up was in my design and development of locust tree log cabins in my grandparents’ back yard and summers of planting popcorn seeds in my mom’s flower bed, hoping to grow something from the ground to eat.

I’ve always been keenly aware of myself and things related to the earth. I used to mold apple sized clods of dirt and roll them in crushed limestone dust to create “fruit.” Every Easter I’d lead my cousins in parades around the yard, be it wherever Easter was held, carrying hard boiled eggs, slabs of heavenly baked ham, and hard chunks of chocolate in baskets. There was nothing quite like unfoiling those juicy, crumbly slices of meat or peeling those warm shells away from a soft yummy egg. Sitting Indian style in the dust. In skirts. Sometimes barefoot. Swooping crumb after crumb, drip after drip of those delicious Easter morsels.

And I don’t know that there’s anything green about all of that only that I always wanted to be in the grass, running around with dust and light flinging to the left and right, to grow living things, to take care of them, and to harvest.

Now I’ve got a harvest of three adorable babies and talk about wanting to grow living things, these rug rats have shot up so fast and furiously that I have no idea what kind of gardener I am! Even last night I told Christian how I needed to put on paper a few of my plans and ideas before the current of daily life and happenstance steals away all the opportunity.

When I met my Christian, I stepped closer to green stuff because he does things more greenly than me. He recycles. He eats a wider variety of fresh foods. He bikes. Everywhere.

And now that I’m at home I’ve started to actually have time and energy to plan out many of my own ambitions. And a lot of them just happen to be trendy, which is awesome because there’s so much out there to help me hone my taste and style.

So for the last part of 2013, here are my Go Greener-Think Healthier plans.

August–Go Paleo
September–Farmer’s Marketeering
October–Repurpose-Upcycle Decor-volution
November–Get Crafty with Clothes
December–Thifty Gifting!

I’m so excited to see where these plans turn and will be back blogging some of the great recipes that Christian, the cubs and I have all been enjoying so don’t miss out!

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