One of our first adventures into Paleo land drove us into the grocery store to investigate many sorts of veggies that we haven’t braved before. These included beets, leeks, yuca root (Christian has had but not me), and others. 

What do you do with beets? You have to do borscht. IT IS DELICIOUS.

My first experience with борЩ was in graduate school in Russian 102 with Galina Galinski. She threw a party that would (and will) rival any other school food and function related gathering I’d ever attended. A whole fish, eye balls, surrounded with caviar, potato and cabbage pockets of some kind, and a host of other delicious things, and beet soup, borscht.

I based our meal off the recipe here but didn’t puree it because i am especially fond of savoring bite after bite of carrots, sweet potato and meat. I also added turkey bacon, green onions and a tad of sour cream (not paleo but a must with the soup).

I can’t recommend it more!

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