When you think of bliss you might think of your favorite sugary confection or a month away from work woes (I hear in Italy businesses close down for the month of August) or an evening away from squalling kids.

Bliss, glee, ecstasy, heaven, delight, rapture, joy… For the love of words, of which I love indeed–the common thread here, something marvelous, something psychologically altering, even physiologically too, something spiritual.

Having dinner with a former colleague of mine I met a moment of bliss. When all the world outside that conversation vanished and only our words, our laughs, our common joys and pains were being paced back and forth like a slow-motion tennis match. But pass after pass we were matching.

But it was a moment only because true bliss needs that out of timeness. And at some point we were being reminded in the American way that time was ticking with a bill and more offers for drinks, etc.

And then…a gleam of delight from my pudgy almost 6 month old. He is a constant bearer of glee. His delicious fists, constant pummeling, his chubby cheeks, his blue-blue eyes and the ever-velveteen head of his! His giggles and complete need for mommy…

For me bliss. This conversation between the two of us is me giggle-gooing at him in some child-directed speechy way and him with a fist tugging his hair and another in the pummel position, his soft little nose, BEGGING to be kissed, and every other feature…and then bliss. His eyes with eternity stamped all over.

I am lost in love, in bliss, in heaven when I look into those eyes. So I take those moments, the soulful conversations, the jovial laughs and and the forget-me-never eyes of a 6 month old-perfect and untouched by the other less than blissful ins and outs of daily life.

I’m challenged to bring more bliss to the rest of us and be less listless, less chaotic, less stressed. I want to bring and be marvelous, something psychologically altering, even physiologically too, something spiritual to those around me.

And usher others out of their stuck-race-against-the-edge-and-craze-of everything lives, pause and just bask. In bliss.


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